3 janv. 2016

curious discovery during an night walk...

Illustrations based on the same theme that I decided to re-work.
I wished to work grey's values to focus me on contrast.

21 sept. 2015

Gobelins graduation movie 2015

My graduation movie directed at GOBELINS, l'école de l'image.

Co-directed by : 

and me :)

And my personnal work on this movie

Thanks for watching!

short film project "samurai" abandoned

An animation project directed at Gobelins, l'école de l'image but arrested shortly after the pre-production.

Here is my work and participation throughout the development.

Then he became "Shudo" a great short animated film!

13 déc. 2014

Annecy 2014

Film d'ouverture du Festival d'Annecy 2014
Réalisé avec mes petits camarades 
Emilie Almaida
Magali Garnier
Clémence Maret
Hugo Weiss

... et le "making of "
de mon travail sur le film.

1 févr. 2014

FX - Khorkhoreh

VFX exercise made with 4 classmates in 3 weeks at Gobelins.
I worked on Design, Layout, Character and FX animation

Magali Garnier : magalinette.over-blog.com/
Mansoureh Kamari : mansourehkamari.blogspot.com/
Julie Robert : yllogique.tumblr.com
Charles Badiller : charlesbadiller.over-blog.com/

Sound design : Camille Giraudeau